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Child Development

Nice Foundation organizes child care programmes for the needy and disadvantaged groups. The following programmes are conducted as part of child care:

  • Early intervention programme for the children in the age group of 0– 5 years

  • Child rearing practices

  • Child psychology

Youth Development

Nice Foundation conducts periodical youth development programmes to equip them in social education, economic and cultural ways of life. The following programmes are conducted as part of youth development.

  • Cognitive development

  • Education & Employment

  • Personality development

  • Life coping skills

  • Career guidance

  • Social Dynamics

  • Counselling & Guidance

Women Empowerment

Nice Foundation addresses the following needs of women in the target areas:

  • Women Rights

  • Personal & family

  • Educational

  • Economic

  • Health & Well being

  • Social needs of adolescent girls, young women and senior folks.

Community Development

Community development programme is a unique activity which reaches women, adults and aged. Rural development is a part of our outreach programme through which villagers and tribal people are enabled toward a better standard of life and proper living conditions like safe drinking water, hygienic environment and conducive atmosphere.

Community development programme addresses the needs of the urban and rural community in the areas of

  • Education & Skill training

  • Health & Early Intervention

  • Economic activities, savings & microfinance

  • Special needs of children, women, aged and needy.

  • Environment & life

Mother & Child Health Programme

It is scientifically proved that the brain development of a child ceases at the age 2 years. Therefore, Scientists have advised of having early intervention to children in the age group of 0 to 3 years.

Nice Foundation conducts early intervention activities in several Chengalpattu and Denkanikottai of Chengalpattu location of Kancheepuram District and Denkanikottai of Krishnagiri District. Activities like periodical health screening and medical check-up and providing nutritional supplements to pregnant women, including supplementary food. Lactating mother are given health drinks and weaning food, basing on the need and advice of physician. Thus, Nice Foundation weights the height and weight of babies during their infancy and childhood. Along with the growth monitoring system, parents’ awareness on child rearing, child psychology, health awareness and immunization was also created.

Health Camps

Health is a major concern in rural and tribal areas especially among children, youth, women and the aged. The ratio of health care facilities available for slum population is comparatively lower in numbers and quality. They have to walk for several kilometers to get treated for even minor illness and if the treatment is available in a hospital setting, they have to reach the district headquarter. Because of this reason, slum people show rare interest in their health and health related activities. On the other hand, private clinics are not affordable as they are economically not that sound.

Keeping their problems in mind, Nice Foundation organizes slum based health camps in different Chengalpattu and Denkanikottai of Chengalpattu and Denkanikottai District. Through this camp, 500 Chengalpattu and Denkanikottai dwellers are health screened and advised on time to prolong their life.

These camps address the basic health problems of children, women, youth, and aged and men folks. Patients who are identified for long-term care would be referred to the nearest government hospital.

Family Awareness Camps

Family awareness camps enable needy families to plan better for the future, including parents, children and girl child in the family.

This family awareness camp is a response to the flooded requests to the Trust. Family ties are strong in rural families and are often influenced by lack of awareness in common agenda of life. Families who often attend this two-day camp are highly motivated to be the best and rightly lead their families happily.

Women EmpowermentSelf-Help Groups & Community Organisation

Nice Foundation is also helping rural women to form their own self help groups for savings and credit. Conducted Marketing Training to the Women Self Help Group, The Women SHG’s who are affected by Tsunami. It has been conducted in the coastal areas like, Kathivakkam, Chennai District and Colachel, Kanniyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.

Conducted Marketing Training to the Women Self Help Group, The Women SHG’s who are affected by Tsunami. It has been conducted in the coastal areas like, Kathivakkam and Colachel.

Lepers Care Programme

Once a year, NICE FOUNDATION provides free clothing during December in the following four colonies for both men and women. This is done in association with the local NGOs.

  • At Bharathapuram -15 families are getting benefited through this clothing activity.

  • At Puthirankottai -8 families are getting benefited through this clothing activity.

Awarness & Leadership Training

People lack basic awareness on health, social life, economic life and career planning and the basic reason for the lack of awanress is that there is no leadership among them. Therefore to create a community based awareness team as well as leadership, Nice Foundation has organised a three days pratical training on Awareness areas and Leadership for the rural people.

There are 100 rural leaders took part in this training which was held at Chengalpattu. After the training the functioning style of these leaders show a great change as well as motivating.

Types of awareness programmed conducted:
  • Personality development

  • Career guidance

  • Effective parenting

  • Leadership

  • Health and well being

  • Human trafficking

  • Legal implications for NGOs

  • Education

Scholarship Programme

Education leads to empowerment and makes a person independent and productive. Children from poor and needy family background find it difficult to get proper education as well as support to their education. Due to lack of financial support some children stop continuing their education and become child labour and get involved in antisocial activities.

To support the National Mission of education for all, Nice Foundation School going, colleges studying poor and needy students are helped with monitory support to meet their educational expenses to continue their education. Under this scholarship programme there are 4 students got benefited and continuing their education.

Essential Supports to Aged Persons and Poor

Aged and poor are the double the time deprived and they obviously look for help from the haves. Urbanization and lack of financial back up leaves many aged and needy poor without adequate food, water, clothing and medical care.

Nice Foundation supports such needy person through its essential support to aged and poor. Timely help has recovered and rescued many aged and needy from depression, anger and death. This year we have support 15 such people in their dire need.

Self Employment Training Camp

Nice Foundation also conducts periodical self employment training camps to poor and down trodden children especially for dalits, women and disadvantaged people in the above mentioned target areas.

We conduct this camp to update the village and slum youth to know the various possibilities and opportunities to get self employed and various Government schemes available for them to start their employment in an innovative and benefit oriented manner. Every year we train at least 50 youth under this programme, in the age group of 18 years and above from villages, tribal areas and city slums.

Supplementary Education

Supplementary Education is given to children, youth, women and adults to realize their personality and their trait to aspire for better education and career of their dream. This year we have given supplementary education to 45 individuals from Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu, India.

Disabled Care Programme

Nice Foundation helps the persons with disability by facilitating them through an aid or skill to become independent in society.

Categories covered with types of support
  • Physically disabled - Mobility aid and Skill training

  • Visually impaired - Walking stick / Education support

  • Deaf - Hearing aid and Skill training

  • Dumb - Skill training

  • Mentally retarded and - Special education

  • Leprosy cured - Skill training

They are given these help in a smaller manner as the resources are limited at present.

Farmers Development Programme

The main problem for the small farmers is that they compose a majority of farmers below subsistence level. Not benefitted by any governmental or non-governmental programs, they are unable to raise their voices through the planning processes.

This makes small farmers unable to get agricultural loans, inputs, and services, and leads to a deteriorated state of living. Furthermore, there is no matching process of the delivery and receiving mechanism of the services and facilities available to the small farmers.

The basic philosophy of the projects to aid small farmers is:
  • To organize the small farmers and landless laborers into grass root groups

  • To provide and support different income-raising agricultural activities to make small farmers self-reliant

  • To increase their capacity to raise their voices for services to be provided

  • To initiate a research studies to make the small farmers’ programme an integral part of local and regional programs.

Handicraft Training

Tamilnadu has a rich history of culture and tradition that has evolved over centuries. Perhaps the most professed flowering of the Tamil culture is in the handicrafts of Tamilnadu.

Nice Foundation in collaboration with SWEEDS has conducted a week handicraft training on paper toys, candle & gel candle making, handicrafts items making, terracotta training for SHGs, Women in SHGs in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. 75 beneficiaries benefited through this training and nearly 70 of them started working on this business.

Professional Training for School Teachers

Successful professional-development experiences have a noticeable impact on teacher’s work, both in and out of the classroom, especially considering that a significant number of teachers throughout the world are under-prepared for their profession..

The training was focused on
  • Developing survival skills

  • Become competent in the basic skills of teaching

  • Expanding one’s instructional flexibility

  • Acquiring instructional expertise

  • Contributing to the professional growth of colleagues and

  • Exercising leadership and participating in decision-making.

Nearly 47 Teachers from high school and higher secondary school of St.Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, Kovalam, Kancheepuram District have participated and benefited from this training. The training was conducted in the same school campus itself.

Environmental Awareness

World Environment Day was celebrated in Denkanikottai, Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, by forming a Human Chain by the 750 students and raised awareness through slogan, street play and distributing pamphlets to the general public.

Medical Help to the Poor

Medical help is another need based programme of Nice Foundation. This programme was started after we have received many requests from persons with different diseases. At present we help them to procure their medicine to treat their illness and free from the effects of diseases.

Computer Education

Computer education is provided to the tribal students in Periyamalai hills of Denkanikottai of Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu. Tribal students are the most under privileged to get education and if it is computer education it is even higher. To keep them updated with the current world as well as to find their interesting career in computer related fields, Nice Foundation has trained nearly 18 Irula tribe children in computer, MS – Office:-Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet services.

Now they are ready for a career in computer filed and they can earn Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 per month which is a marvelous amount for them to support their family and higher education. Nice Foundation has a several care and development programmes and activities for the targetted groups as they are in need. All the programmes of Nice Foundation are aiming to bring care, support and sustainability among these disadvantaged section of society.

NGOs Capacity Building Programme

Nice Foundation organizes the following: NGOs staff development training. These training are organized to equip the NGOs management staff, social workers and field staff, who work in different social welfare settings such as Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Charity hospitals and Charitable Education Institutions.